Corn Kidz 64

Follow the young goat Seve into his recurring dream, in which he meets his friend Alexis, who wants to help Seve break free from the dream. Corn Kids 64 is a 3d platformers that closely resembles the classics from the early 3d era. In a world full of secrets, Corn Kidz 64 lets you explore Seve’s dynamic moveset and meet various fun and unique characters.

Evocative low poly graphics with various display options allow for an authentic 90s experience or a modern HD resolution.

  • Intriguing platformer mechanics
  • Explore a colourful dream world full of absurdity
  • Rewarding exploration with lots of secrets to uncover

You can get Corn Kidz on the following platforms from 19th of April 2024:

Corn Kidz is a game by BogoSoft and has been ported to Nintendo Switch by Diplodocus Games. The original PC release is available via Steam. Please also visit BogoSoft’s own website.