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Sebastian Küpper, Einzelunternehmer

Oeger Straße 137

58119 Hagen


For inquiries that require an immediate / direct response, you can reach me via Discord:

Content used licensed under Creative Commons licenses: Some of our games include music or art that is licensed under Creative Commons license. On console platforms, the games may employ a DRM measure per the platform holder. To ensure this is not effective to keep anyone from exercising their rights granted by the CC license, we keep a copy of every CC licensed item we use in any of our games to send to anyone who wishes to obtain the CC licensed item.

To get a CC licensed item used in any of our games, please send an e-mail to us under with the subject line “CC licensed material” and state in the message body which media you require. We will send it to you within three business days and delete your message afterwards to ensure your privacy.