Super Dinoblasters

Super Dinoblasters is an action platformer inspired by the 8-bit era. The evil King Tyrantadon has taken over the planet Cretacia and it is your task to free the dinosaur-inhabitated planet from the menace. The game combines skillful platforming with arcady combat. But do not worry: no dinosaur is harmed permanently, because on your quest to free Cretacia, you will only use a stun gun.

  • Easy to learn gameplay with simple controls
  • 20 engaging and varied levels
  • Simple password system with lots of secret codes to alter the experience
  • Hidden collectibles make repeat playthroughs rewarding

Super Dinoblasters will release this summer on Nintendo Switch!

Super Dinoblasters is a fun little indie platformer that provides an enjoyable experience at a discount price. With retro throwbacks and visuals, you can tell a lot of love has been put into development. With some minor tweaks and a speed increase, plus a few more levels, this one has real potential. 7/10

Jemma Casson, Pure Nintendo

You can get Super Dinoblasters on the following platforms:

Super Dinoblasters is a game by Magic Salmon Productions and has been ported to Nintendo Switch by Diplodocus Games. The original Android release is available via Google Play.