Felix the Toy DX

The complete Felix The Toy experience is now on Nintendo Switch! Explore a world from the perspective of a small toy. At exactly 6:12 p.m the human race vanishes into thin air. A sentient fast food pack-in toy named Felix is thrust into a mysyery that spans across a city and even space. Explore deserted locations such as a bowling alley and a shopping mall as Felix unravels the mystery. This simple platformer contains no violence and is therefore a great choice for all ages.

Trailer shows the PC version.

Features of the DX version

  1. 5 expanded levels from the original game
  2. 5 Brand new levels totalling 12
  3. Explore the game board to find levels
  4. New physics and refined content make for a better experience
  5. New Soundtrack for a more futuristic tone
  6. Quality of life adjustments like a coyote time jump to make some sections easier
    and a pause menu to leave levels

Play Felix The Toy DX now on Nintendo Switch and enjoy a handcrafted retro style experience!

You can get Felix the Toy DX on the following platforms:

Felix the Toy DX is a game by XYX Games and has been ported to Nintendo Switch by Diplodocus Games. The original PC release is available via itch and Steam. Please also visit XYX Games’ own website.