Toree 2

The sequel to the bite-sized 3D platformer hit Toree 3D is on the final stretch of development and will release on Nintendo Switch soon. More information will follow soon!

A bite-sized 3D Platformer sequel with more focus on the things people enjoyed in the first game like fast gameplay, flow focused levels and cute costumes (two this time).

  • More late 90s low poly aesthetic
  • Fast gameplay, flow focused levels
  • Weird elements make a comeback.
  • 9 levels with unique elements
  • Some secret characters to unlock
  • The epic conclusion of the ice cream arc.

You can get Toree 2 on the following platforms from 4th of October:

Toree 2 is a game by Siactro and has been ported to Nintendo Switch by Diplodocus Games. The original PC release will be available starting 30th of September via Steam. Please also visit Siactro’s own website.