Regina & Mac World

Regina and Mac are back in an all new, 2D adventure. On a quest to help their new friend Macbat (from Macbat 64) to find the purpose in his life, the dinosaur and the parrot jump, run, slide and dash through 100 level filled with secrets. Regina & Mac World will release in June for Switch.

  • 100 Levels of platforming fun
  • Get medals for collecting rupees and for beating best times
  • Obtain special abilities: the tophat allows you to perform a pogo jump and a strawberry allows you to dash
  • Find secret exits to unlock extra levels
  • Fluid and versatile platforming gameplay
  • Play as Macbat in autoscrolling flight levels

Regina & Mac World will release in the first half of 2021 on Nintendo Switch in America, Europe and Oceania. The game is also planned for release on Wii U in Europe and Oceania in the second half of 2021.

Macbat is a property of Siactro. Music by Badub.