Regina & Mac

Join the macaw Regina and the tyrannosaurus Mac on their adventure as they try to escape a lifeless research lab. The only way out? To find the golden Floppy discs on which the memory of the lab’s computer system U64 is stored so that it can help the duo to find an exit. Regina & Mac is a 3D platformer that stands in the tradition of the classics from the late 90s and offers a fair challenge even for genre aficionados.

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  • Venture through nine expansive, yet compact worlds with ten golden Floppies each.
  • Tackle the tasks in your order. You are free to explore the lab and its levels and choose the order in which you want to collect the Floppies.
  • Exploration, Platforming and Puzzle solving await.
  • An ever-expanding move set keeps the experience fresh from start to finish.
  • Featuring visuals reminiscent of the early 3D days at 60 frames per seconds. Relive the atmosphere of yesteryear without sacrificing comfort.
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Regina & Mac is a joy to play, with great 3D platforming and quirky characters and dialogue, it’ll have you jumping and searching far longer than you expected. Don’t let the simple graphics throw you off – this is a game worth dusting off your Wii U tablet for. 8/10

Jemma Casson, Pure Nintendo

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